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The Audit Chamber will check up Gazprom operations in an offshore

Audit Chamber (joint venture) of Russia plans in the spring 2012. To check up Gazprom operations in an offshore. Besides, all state corporations and large state companies will undergo to similar checks, have informed in a press - department service. The given work will be co-ordinated with the government of Russia.
the statement for checks of offshore affairs of state companies has sounded less than a month later after the well-known rating with which the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin in Khakassia has arranged energetikam. Acting at meeting on electric power industry development on December, 19th 2011., the head of the government has declared that strategic branches of economy should be deduced from an offshore. with this heritage of wild privatisation it is time to finish - has noted then V.Putin.
as he said, the conclusion of means in an offshore interferes with creation of a normal business climate and attraction of serious investments. Conclusion of national economy, its strategic branches from a shade - our priority problem for the nearest period - the prime minister has underlined.
V.Putin also has declared that within two months since February, 19th 2012. State digging should spend checks on presence of corruption schemes. within two months I ask Ministry for the Power Generating Industry, Ministry of economic development and trade, branch departments, and also the state infrastructural companies - Gazprom, Transneft the Russian Railway, Sovkomflot Foreign trade and investment bank, Vneshtorgbank, Rosatom - to report on the accepted measures. And the Savings Bank does not need to make it - the prime minister - the minister has told.
after V.Putin`s criticism a number of heads of the power companies was left by the posts, and state companies have started checks. So, in the end of December 2011. Gazprom has informed on dismissal three top - managers: The vice-president of board Alexander Ananenkov, the chief of department on work with authorities of the Russian Federation Victor Ilyushin and the head of department of management of property and corporate relations Olga Pavlova have lost the posts. Officially in Gazprom deny communication of dismissal of managers with V.Putin`s criticism.