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S &P has deprived France the highest credit rating

the International rating agency Standard and Poor`s (S &P) has lowered a sovereign credit rating of France from the maximum value AAA to AA +.
According to a press - to agency release, besides France, ratings of 8 more countries of an eurozone are lowered. In particular, on 2 steps long-term sovereign credit ratings of Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal are lowered. On one step similar ratings of Austria, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia are lowered.
ratings of Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia are confirmed.
in the presents time long-term sovereign ratings of the listed countries of an eurozone have following positions (the previous value): France AA + (AAA), Austria AA + (AAA), Spain A (AA-), Italy BBB + (A), Cyprus BB + (BBB), Malta A - (A), Portugal BB (BBB-), Slovakia A (A +), Slovenia A + (AA-), Estonia AA - Germany AAA, Finland AAA, Luxembourg AAA, Netherlands AAA, Belgium AA, Ireland BBB +.
the Made changes reflect opinion of experts of agency that initiatives of country leaders of an eurozone and responsible bodies of EU are not sufficient for indemnification of negative consequences. The basic negative factors which have affected fall of a steel: deterioration of credit conditions, increase of risks for the increasing number of the countries of an eurozone, deterioration of forecasts of economic growth, and also absence at all participants of the union of the consolidated position on overcoming of the crisis phenomena.
all ratings are excluded from the list on revision with possible fall where have been placed on December, 5th 2011. Except for Germany and Slovakia ( stable ) The forecast on all countries negative .
we Will remind, in the beginning of December 2011. S &P has put on revision with prospect of decrease ratings of 15 countries of an eurozone, including Germany, the Netherlands and Finland which while keep the highest credit ratings - AAA, and also France and Austria which have lost them today.