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To play on - fair: B.Obama has refused to mint a coin in $1 trln

the Treasury Department of the US has refused possibility to rap out a platinum coin face value in $1 trln thus to solve a problem of increase of a limit of a public debt. According to the American laws, White not the house has not the right to include the press without the Congress consent, but this rule does not extend on release of metallic currency.
in a reserve the White house still has also others possibility to delay default approach, without asking opinion of members of parliament. In particular, B.Obama suggested to spend additional release of state bonds or to use 14 - j the amendment to the Constitution according to which legitimacy of a state debt cannot be called into question any instances. The head of the state has refused all these possibilities.
we Will remind that if the White house and the Congress does not reach the agreement of increase of a limit of a public debt the default in the USA can already occur in a month, in February, 2013 It is expected that by this time the American public debt will reach a point in $16. 4 bln.
the Offer to rap out a coin record face value has supported the economic guru parties of democrats the Nobel winner Pol Krugman. According to the scientist, republicans blackmail the White House, blocking increase of a limit of a state debt that grants administrations of democrats the right to answer it the same way.