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The Russian military men wait for acts of terrorism Black eagles

the Russian military men in Kosovo do not exclude in the near future activization of activity of the most extremist formations of Kosovan Albanians.
according to all available information, the organisation Black eagles plans fulfilment of a series of acts of terrorism against peacemakers of the French contingent in revenge for a position of France in settlement of the Kosovan conflict. Insurgents are dissatisfied with that France considers premature elections to Kosovo and occupies a hard line on withdrawal of the weapon from members of the militarised formations.
the high-ranking military officer of the Russian military contingent in Kosovo has declared that provocations concerning the Russian commandoes are probable.
intensity between Kosovan police which on 20 % consists of fighters of the former Liberation army of Kosovo, and multinational police UNMIK (mission of the United Nations in Kosovo) Besides, accrues. If the requirement of Yugoslavia on safety zone reduction in the Preshevsky valley with 5 to 1 km the Serbian policemen who as the interlocutor believes, will force out the Albanian insurgents from a valley in Kosovo will enter into it that will aggravate and without that intense conditions in edge is satisfied.
we will remind, last weeks in a valley of Preshevo that on administrative border of Kosovo with other territory of Serbia, armed formations of Albanians became more active. In connection with flashes of violence the president of Yugoslavia Voislav Koshtunitsa continues to insist on reduction of a safe buffer zone from which the Serbian armies Now the Albanian insurgents almost free earlier have been disengaged get into this zone and create to itself positions from which then make sorties.