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The USA and Japan press on the Russian governor

the Russian Far East feels today strong pressure from the USA and Japan in Asian - Pacific region . Such conclusion was made by the governor of Khabarovsk territory Victor Ishayev.
the governor has just returned from scientific conference of the states severo - the east of Asia which has passed in the Japanese city of Niigata. Following the results of visit Victor Ishayev has characterised developing relations with Japan and the United States as follows: they get more and more the form of dictatorship of the developed states.
in Japan, according to the Khabarovsk governor, any more do not hide and openly say that the decision of questions of economic interaction with the Russian Far East directly is connected with returning to it northern territories . And it thus, was indignantly declared by Victor Ishayev that investments of the Japanese companies into economy of the Far East make today 0,028 % from total amount of investments.
According to the governor, to the countries Asian - Pacific region, including Japan, criminalisation of Far East fish branch and consequently they do not do any steps towards to the Russian law enforcement bodies is favourable, trying to put things in order with plunder of fish resources.
however, despite a negative estimation of actions of the Japanese authorities, V.Ishayev has carried on in Japan negotiations with several large politicians and businessmen for possibility of their participation in joint projects in territory of Khabarovsk territory, and as confirms, has found interest .