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Zhirinovsky has accused the government of frauds

In the State Duma expect from the government of offers concerning a direction of additional incomes of the budget on payments of debts to the Parisian club of creditors. Deputies discuss probability of acceptance of these offers, and Vladimir Zhirinovsky and has at all accused the government of frauds.
the speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev considers that discussion in the lower chamber of offers of the government on revision of the mechanism of distribution of additional incomes of the budget 2001 will be very simple . According to Seleznev, these offers are the sequester of additional incomes .
Redistribution dopdohodov towards increase in payments to creditors is that, of what the government dreamt from the very beginning from the first reading the speaker has told, having added that the sequester should be considered as the extreme measure. we will look, in what proportions and that they will offer (government) - Seleznev has noted, and depending on it the Duma and will make the decision.
in turn, vitse - the speaker Irina Khakamada has expressed opinion that deputies will support the government offer if the such arrives. after long process when fractions will defend the most important for them articles of financing of the budget, this decision will be accepted the majority of the right and centrist fractions of the State Duma - Khakamada considers.
as she said, the fraction of Union of Right Forces will support such decision. Thus vitse - the speaker believes that it is impossible to speak about the budget sequester, because the sequester is a reduction of articles, and the proportion of distribution of additional incomes of the budget which are paid following the results of a quarter " here will be changed;.
According to Irina Khakamada, for research of means for payment of debts it is necessary to involve the minimum loans of the Central Bank and in a greater degree to use Privatisation potential .
the Most original statement, by tradition, another has made vitse - the speaker, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. As he said, the fraction of LDPR does not support the government offer as at the disposal of the cabinet there are many alternative possibilities for a solution of a problem of debts. it would be possible to earn money in the necessary quantity, having increased twice oil recovery or having cut down expenses on country illumination - Zhirinovsky has told. However the government, in opinion vitse - the speaker, prefers to go on an easy way of financial frauds: to take away money from a pocket of citizens and to give to creditors .
Zhirinovsky has declared that president Putin should send in resignation of all ministers of the financial block, and also Michael Kasyanov - as weak and incapable to solve country problems .