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Pulikovski breaks Nazdratenko`s car

During Evgenie Nazdratenko`s board in Primorski Territory the debugged propaganda machine on obolvanivaniju the population was generated. Now it is broken, the representative of the president of the Russian Federation in Far East federal district Konstantin Pulikovski declares.
today the plenipotentiary has met in Vladivostok heads of mass media. To Nazdratenko`s propaganda machine, according to the plenipotentiary, the end, and henceforth " has come; journalists can work freely within the limits of the law .
During a meeting Pulikovski declared that the Far East Office of Public Prosecutor will spend audit of creative and financial activity of the state mass-media of Primorski Territory. Far East public prosecutor Yury Chajka will be engaged in it. The representative of the president, as he said, does not trust seaside public prosecutor Valery Vasilenko.
Pulikovski has offered general director VGTRK Vladivostok To Valery Bakshinu to think of voluntary retirement, because its activity does not satisfy federal structures of the power in district . The plenipotentiary also has urged regional mass-media to shine objectively the events occurring in region.
however business will not be limited to mass media. It is planned to spend audit in all state structures operating in Primorski Territory. This work will be supervised by the device of the plenipotentiary. Pulikovski Gennady Apanasenko`s first deputy will be the direct curator.
The plenipotentiary intends to come to Primorski Krai every week. Such control and the help from the plenipotentiary representation device will be carried out before election of the new governor and while in edge normal work of enforcement authorities " will not be adjusted; Konstantin Pulikovski has underlined.
in the meantime about Evgenie Nazdratenko`s destiny no news on - former are present. As it was already informed, it has taken off from Vladivostok for Moscow shortly before arrival to Konstantin Pulikovski city. Rumours about possibility of its meeting with the president of the country Vladimir Putin were spread. At this Nazdratenko while - before election of the new governor of Primorski Krai - remains the councillor of Federation.