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Clinton untwists the prices, Mountains gives lectures

Inhabitants of Harlem anticipate sharp jump of the prices for habitation in this area of New York in connection with intention eks - US president Bill Clinton to get there office. In the meantime the former vice-president Albert Gor creates an agiotage lecturing.
when Clinton declared intention to have working rooms in one of the smartest buildings in Manhattan - Carnegie Tauer - with a magnificent view on a city and an annual rent at a rate of an order of 800 thousand dollars, the storm of public indignation has fallen upon it. This office would manage to treasury of the USA more expensively, than rent of premises for four previous presidents, together taken. Under the American laws, office expenses of former heads of the state are paid for the state account.
under the pressure of tax bearers Bill Clinton has been compelled to refuse intention to rent office premise in one of the most prestigious areas of New York - Manhattan. And now its press - the secretary has informed that eks - the president has decided to save money of the American citizens and to remove cheaper office.
Clinton thinks to have rooms in the main street conducting through Harlem. According to experts though last years Harlem has been considerably arranged well, it on - former does not come within miles of prestigious Manhattan. However Clinton is assured that there to it will accord warm reception as during the last presidential campaign overwhelming number of inhabitants of Harlem supported completely it (truth, it was even before sexual scandal with participation of Moniki Levinski which was negatively reflected in the relation to the president of simple Americans).
In the meantime colleague Clinton, the former vice-president and not taken place president Albert Gor has started to read a series of lectures at two universities of native staff of Tennesi. A subject of lectures - the Social system .
Performances Mountain create an agiotage - as healthy, and not so. In one of educational institutions Mountain have given very a cordial welcome, but in other the group of 20 students has arranged the present demonstration with malicious enough slogans, type Albert Gor - the whore, the unfortunate fan of corporate governance .
Mountains which even here, in the native staff has lost elections to Bush, has not reacted in any way to protests and has silently passed in audience where it with impatience was expected nearby by 130 more seriously set up students. In total Albert Gor will read 10 lectures, and on a free basis.