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Causes of death “ Kursk “: there are experiments

Work by definition of causes of accident of the nuclear submarine “ Kursk “ now it is focused on two programs of experiments. However while in a question on the basic versions the head of state commission, vitse - prime minister Ilya Klebanov and the committee-man, the head of committee of the State Duma of defence Andrey Nikolays have dispersed.
Ilya Klebanov has told about a course of experiments. The first program concerns researches of a torpedo, which “ anyway participated in the accident beginnings, therefore directly or indirectly it could become a push to explosion by a boat “.
the Second program of researches concerns studying in leaders of scientific research institute of set lifted with a bottom of the sea of fragments of a submarine. “ first of all we investigate the torpedo and torpedo tube rests “ - has explained vitse - the prime minister.
only following the results of the spent experiments it will be possible to tell that was at the bottom of accident “ Kursk “: explosion of a torpedo or external collision. These two versions, Ilya Klebanov has specified, remain among the cores. On the given work the progress report to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin now prepares.
in turn, Andrey Nikolays has declared that the agreement with the Russian and foreign companies about work on lifting “ Kursk “ from a bottom of Barents sea it will be signed in the end of February.
boat lifting, the deputy has reminded, it is supposed to carry out in June, 2001. Only after that the commission can take out the definitive conclusion about causes of the tragedy. Now, has informed Nikolays, on - former three versions of accident are considered: collision with underwater object, technical explosion in a boat and blasting on a mine of times of the Second World War.
a divergence concerning  destruction versions “ Kursk “ in the state commission it is rather symptomatic. It means that on disclosing of secret of accident to count on - former it is not necessary. At least, until the submarine will not be lifted from a sea bottom.