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Without vodka and cigarettes in Moscow there will be no money?

in the mayoralty of Moscow consider inexpedient an absolute prohibition of advertising of alcohol and tobacco. Recently such bill has passed the State Duma in the first reading. Tobacco and alcohol advertising makes an order of 15 % of all outdoor advertising in Moscow. In case of its absolute prohibition advertising agencies cannot compensate the released areas, and losses of the city budget can make about 3 million dollars a year, have informed in the mayoralty. Today in Moscow rent of one party of a standard publicity board depending on the location and order volume costs from 650 to 2000 dollars a month.
we will remind that on February, 8th the State Duma has approved in the first reading the bill entering an absolute prohibition on advertising of similar products. Have made the corresponding amendment to the law About advertising on consideration of the State Duma members of the State Council of Tatarstan. According to the law in force, now tobacco advertising is resolved with a number of restrictions. In particular, there is an interdiction for tobacco advertising for television and radio.
the bill was supported by 258 deputies. Against 75 deputies have expressed, and has refrained - one. However, it is necessary to notice that deputies have rejected two alternative projects of amendments to the law on the advertising, tobacco concerning advertising and alcohol. So Alexey Mitrofanova`s bill from LDPR which, on the contrary, suggested to restore advertising tabachno - alcoholic products, in particular, has been rejected. It was supported only by 15 deputies. The second rejected project offered by colleague Mitrofanova on fraction by Egor Solomatinym, suggested to enter an absolute prohibition not only on tobacco advertising, but also alcoholic drinks. The interdiction was offered to be extended including to advertising in sale places. The given project was supported by 165 deputies at a necessary minimum 226.