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Soon will appear cargo Oka and Russian Tavrija

Factory mikrolitrazhnyh cars joint-stock company branch KamAZ has created a cargo variant of a minicar Oka . Oka - a pickup it was pleasant to carriers of small parties of cargoes, businessmen. ZMA has received already about 100 orders for this model of the car. To make cars on the areas the firm " undertook; astro - Penalties from Naberezhnye Chelny, therefore a minicar - the truck will be called astro - 1330 instead of the Gnome as it was supposed earlier. On a pickup will establish the engine of manufacture of Melitopol motor factory, a part kuzovnyh knots and units will arrive in astro - Penalties from ZMA.
In here management Car ZAZ - Deu (the founder of the car of the All-Russia popularity - Zaporozhtsa ) And avtoselhozmash - holding assumes to master manufacture Tavry on capacities of the Russian enterprises where manufacture " will be mastered; Bears . Bears - tiny cars. The volume of the engine of a motor vehicle makes 1,1 litres, capacity - 51 horsepower. The project the Bear assumes creation in 10 regional centres of Russia of capacities on release of 100 thousand cars the Bear in a year.
in joint plans of the Russian and Ukrainian enterprises increase in volumes of deliveries of engines by 2005 to 25 thousand pieces a year. (Past year the Melitopol factory has put ASM - to holding 12 engines which at the moment take place tests.) . The Ukrainian party also intends to take part in designing and manufacturing of the non-standard equipment and equipment for manufacture Bears .
it is necessary to notice that Open Society avtoselhozmash - holding it is created on the basis of the former Ministry of agricultural mechanical engineering of the USSR in November, 1991 on the basis of the agreement between 12 CIS and Baltic countries and the government of Moscow. Since 1997 ASM - holding works over the project the Bear . The base model represents 4 - local peredneprivodnyj the car with a type body the versatile person . Cost of the car depending on updating will make 80 - 150 % from the car price Oka .