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To Kasyanov interesting whether will send it in resignation?

the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Kasyanov in conversation with journalists has told that with interest concerns the become frequent occurrences in mass-media of publications about resignation of an office headed by it. probably, at the prime minister such destiny - constantly to hear about the future resignation, for last 9 months it is the third wave of similar hearings - the prime minister has noted.
Kasyanov considers that the fact of occurrence of such conversations in a society testifies about certain level of democratisation in the country when it is possible to discuss freely activity of officials . Kasyanov considers this process normal and in critical remarks in the " address; scoops a lot of useful .
it is necessary to notice that earlier Kasyanov made comments on hearings about the possible resignation more sharply. So, in the middle of September, premieres - the minister has declared that it is compelled To ascertain continuation black piarovskoj works on discredit the name. He has told then that customers of this manual labour whom some large corporations " are are already established;. Kasyanov has passed an opinion a regret of known journalists, participating in this action . Also in September he has confirmed that no bases for occurrence of hearings about its resignation existing and are not present, and those publications which bear in itself a hint on an insult, in its opinion, speak about genre degradation .
At the very end of November after Putin has subjected to the sharp criticism government activity, hearings about resignation have again followed. Then Kasyanov has declared that the criticism of the president is not criticism of wrong actions of the government, it is a question of using on a maximum present positive tendencies in national economy as economic growth yet is not steady, and transformations are necessary for its fastening to real sector, including on development of the competitive environment. that is why resignation will not be.
it is interesting, what will follow this time? As today the source in Presidential Administration has declared in interview that Presidential Administration it is entrusted to develop till March of current year the project of reorganisation of the Russian government . We will look at the further succession of events.