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AIDS in the republic of South Africa every tenth is ill

According to official figures, of AIDS in Southern Africa every tenth African, or 4,2 million person is sick. Heads of the South African mining firms have begun anonymous check of the miners occupied from them on AIDS. It becomes with a view of struggle against illness which threatens with considerable reduction of labour in the country. Doctors assume that the saliva analysis will show virus presence approximately at a quarter from 500 thousand miners. Check will be finished by the end of the year.
the government of the republic of South Africa is strongly disturbed by AIDS distribution to the country. Recently it has signed the contract with the American pharmaceutical concern Pfize. According to the agreement, free delivery within two years of preparation Fluconazole - medicines against the illnesses which are accompanying or a consequence of AIDS is provided. Transfer Pfizer to gift to the South African government of party of medicines which is estimated approximately in 50 million dollars, became a result of eight months of negotiations between the government of the republic of South Africa and company management. The medicine will be already accessible in the beginning of the next year to the patients passing treatment in sector of the state public health services.
but not in one republic of South Africa problems with AIDS. In 2000 in the world has caught a HIV - an infection of 5,4 million persons. As he said, 210 countries have officially informed on HIV revealing in the territory. According to the incorporated program of the United Nations, on a HIV - to AIDS (JUNEJDS) 34 million persons today live from a HIV - infections, and more than 18,8 million persons have died of AIDS. Onishchenko has informed that the number died from SPIDA in 1999 has reached 2,8 million persons. Young men aged till 25 years are exposed to the greatest danger of infection.
in Russia of a HIV - infected are registered in 89 subjects of the Russian Federation. From the registration beginning 306 HIV - infected are revealed 71 thousand that in 3 times exceeds quantity of a HIV - infected on the end of 1999 (18 thousand 218 persons). For today rates of distribution of a HIV - infections in Russia above, than in Africa: from the beginning of 2000 among 15 million surveyed Russians it is registered 40 thousand new cases of a HIV - infitsirovanija. It means that actually from 150 million Russian population of 400 thousand are infected by a HIV.