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The rise in prices for the Russian actions is expected not earlier than March

Rise in prices for actions of the Russian companies, most likely, will begin only in March - April when before meetings of shareholders investors start to get actively actions counting on the announcement and reception of considerable dividends following the results of work for the last year. Such opinion in interview was stated by experts, predicting a course of the auctions in the Russian share market.
at the auctions on February, 12th in the share market in RTS and on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange distinctly it was visible that many operators use a present situation exclusively on purpose to create an investment portfolio from rather cheap papers. Despite positive conditions in the country as a whole, there was a minor alteration of the prices for actions within the limits of a corridor characterised on an index of RTS by levels 280 - 300 points. Probably, it is connected with the next stage of some destabilization of a situation in the world markets, and especially in America.
However the serious rise in prices for papers of the Russian emitters, according to experts, can begin only when present decrease in indexes in the world markets will stop also a situation more or is less stabilised. In other words, it can so to turn out that operators soon any more will not have a significant occasion to speculation for the fall. It seems that current reduction of prices on the action is connected with approach in America (in the end of spring) the beginnings of new fiscal year.