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Brewers will not refuse beer advertising on television

the Union of the Russian brewers (SRP) on taken place on February, 12th 2002. Session of council of the Union has approved the Code of honour of the Russian brewer. The given code assigns to members of the Union of brewers additional obligations by behaviour principles in the market, including on beer advertising. beer advertising should be weighed and to correspond to interests of a society - have declared in SRP. There consider that advertising is one of the elements promoting development of manufacture and formation of market relations.
in the modern world, besides ability to make a qualitative product, not smaller efforts are demanded also by its advancement in the market, brewers consider. Thus heads of the brewing enterprises consider inexpedient full prohibition of advertising of beer on television and radio. As have noted in SRP, Similar restriction will cause negative consequences not only for branch development, but also for the country budget as a whole .
Also council SRP has not supported any bill directed on regulation of the market of beer. On it today have informed in secretary SRP following the results of council session. Brewers have considered projects FZ About bases of state regulation of industrial production and a beer turn project FZ About the beer market in the Russian Federation and also processed by committee on economic policy and business GD on their basis project FZ About state regulation of the market of beer .
As have noted in SRP, the position of councillors of the Union speaks that the given projects do not answer modern conditions of development of brewing branch. Methods of influence on branch which are offered by authors of the given bills, do not presume to solve any of problems facing branch, such as development of domestic raw sector in brewing, the stable and predicted taxation, development of small and average brewing business, development of culture of consumption of beer - brewers have underlined.
in SRP also have noticed that authors of bills have not been take into consideration daily activity of the brewing enterprises, their economic condition or presence of technical possibilities and other parametres of branch. However, according to brewers, without all components it is impossible to develop the balanced decisions.