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The Duma has approved the pension reform offered by Putin

the State Duma has approved today in the first reading the bill About labour pensions in the Russian Federation brought by the president of the Russian Federation. The present bill enters the new formula of calculation of the labour pension consisting of 3 parts: base (in the fixed size of 450 roubles), insurance (depending on volume of the paid insurance payments) and memory (developing of the investment means reflected in a special part of the individual account).
the Size of base pension is supposed to be indexed annually taking into account inflation. The indexation factor is defined by the government of the Russian Federation, proceeding from a rise in prices, provided by the law on the federal budget for corresponding year. The size of insurance pension is indexed once a year - on February, 1st - taking into account growth of the monthly average salary in the Russian Federation for previous year. The size of a memory part of pension is defined for 12 months and during this period is not recalculated.
the men who have reached of 60 years, and the women who have reached of 55 years have the Right to an old-age pension. The pension is appointed in the presence of not less than 5 years of the seniority (payment of payments). On a level with the periods of labour activity in the insurance experience the periods of passage of military service, reception of the unemployment benefit, a finding in paid holiday on care of the child are set off. Preservation of the right to appointment of an old-age pension before achievement of the established pension age for the persons having not less of half of the demanded special seniority (work in special conditions, on Extreme C, a period of service and so forth) is provided .
By calculations of the government of the Russian Federation, total expenses on realisation of the given bill in 2002 will make 566 billion roubles. For this bill 255 members of parliament, against - 129 have expressed, 6 deputies have refrained. Having approved the presidential bill, the State Duma has rejected an alternative variant of the bill About labour pensions in the Russian Federation (Union of Right Forces) brought by deputy Boris Nemtsov. In support of this bill 153 deputies have expressed only.
also the State Duma has accepted today in the first reading introduced by the president of the Russian Federation the bill About the state provision of pensions in the Russian Federation - the first in a package of laws on pension reform. The bill is directed on codification of the current legislation and reduces in one statutory act of norm about the provision of pensions, now containing in various standard documents: laws About state pensions in the Russian Federation About sotszashchite citizens, podvergshihsja to influence of radiation owing to accident on CHAES About state guarantees and indemnifications for the persons working both living in regions of the Far North and districts equal to them and also decrees of the president of the Russian Federations regulating an establishment of surcharge to pensions of state employees.
the bill provides social pensions which are appointed in percentage terms to a base unit of a labour old-age pension in case of absence of the right to labour pension on obligatory pension insurance (to invalids, to children 55 age 55 and 50 years - to men and women accordingly, and to the citizens who have reached of age of 65 and 60 years - to men and women accordingly) are elderly till 18 years, lost parents, to citizens from among the small people of the North.
to the Military men serving on an appeal, the disability pension owing to a military trauma or the disease received in service can be appointed. These pensions are appointed in the fixed size. In the bill the old-age pension on 5 - 10 years before the age granting the right to labour pension, and on physical inability to the persons injured with failure on CHAES is provided. The size of these pensions is established in the multiple relation to a base unit of labour pension. For state employees instead of surcharge to state pensions the long-service pension is appointed. The bill provides an order of indexation of the specified kinds of pensions. The document basically keeps conditions and norms of the provision of pensions established in the current legislation of Russia.
expenses on bill realisation will make in 2002 38,5 billion roubles, in 2003 - 41 billion roubles, in 2004 - 44,8 billion roubles. For the bill 255 deputies, against - 147 have voted, have refrained - 7.
At last, today the State Duma has approved in the first reading the bill About obligatory pension insurance in the Russian Federation . The bill establishes organizational legal and financial bases obligatory pension x in the Russian Federation. The bill establishes a circle of the insurers, the insured persons, and also kinds of insurance maintenance in system of obligatory pension insurance are defined. The bill defines the insurer in this sphere - the Pension fund of the Russian Federation. The document also defines an order of formation and an expenditure of means of insurance, including questions of financing, payment base, x and memory parts of labour pension, and also questions of an establishment of the fixed payments for the persons independently providing with work.
the bill regulates an order and terms of payment of insurance payments. Besides, the procedure for registration of insurers in Pension fund bodies, responsibility for evasion from registration as insurers, and also questions of representation by insurers of the reporting taking into account the tax code is regulated. For maintenance of financial stability of system of obligatory pension insurance it is provided that at the expense of a part of payments in the Pension fund not personified reserve which should provide unconditional performance of obligations to the insured persons is created.
for the bill 248 deputies, against - 83 have voted, three have refrained. At the same time deputies during rating voting have not supported the alternative bill brought by Boris Nemtsov. For it 151 deputy has voted.