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The Federation Council of the Russian Federation has limited advertising of gamblings

the Federation Council has approved amendments to the law About advertising and in item 14. 3 Codes of the Russian Federation about administrative offences. The law limits distribution of advertising of gamblings and involving to them minors.
It is provided that distribution of the advertising based on risk and mutual bets, is supposed only in radio - and TV programs from 22:00 till local time. Distribution of the same advertising is supposed only in buildings, structures and constructions where gamblings or a bet, except for station premises, premises of air terminals and metro stations are spent.
distribution of the same advertising, according to the law, is authorised only in periodic special printing editions of advertising character.
It is provided to increase the top limit of the penalty for infringement by the advertiser, reklamoproizvoditelem or reklamorasprostranitelem legislations on advertising with 50 to 200 minimum wage rates for citizens and with 500 to 5000 minimum wage rates for legal bodies.
in support of the document 136 senators have voted, against and refrained was not.
the idea of restriction of advertising of a gaming was born last year in State Duma bowels. As its authors mark, slot machine arcades and points of reception of rates grasp sleeping areas, forcing out shops and consumer services establishments, their light and sound advertising intercepts people at metro stations and bus stops. Deputies have been disturbed by that at Russians representation is formed that their property and personal problems can be solved one successful rate.
Thousand people lose practically everything that earn, teenagers under the influence of advertising of these institutions search and find possibilities for gambling, getting frequently under criminal influence - people`s choices declared.