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S &P: Structural reforms in the Russian Federation are impossible to following elections

Structural reforms so Russia necessary for economy, is impossible to following elections as the limit of time allocated for their realisation, is settled. Such opinion was stated on the air of TV channel by the head of representation of rating agency Standard &Poor`s in Russia Alexey Novikov.
As he said, reforms hardly will accelerate and will more likely be braked in the development. He has noticed that private reforms still can be spent, however a scale throw which would provide credit status on the average sector to economy and has improved an investment climate, is not expected.
A.Novikov has reminded that S &P, establishing a credit rating, defines probability of a default under obligations of the borrower approximately for 5 years forward. It concerns also obligations of the Russian government (VVV -/ stable/ And - 3 under obligations in foreign currency and VVV/ stable/ And - 3 under obligations in national currency). According to the expert, now the debt factor for Russia any more does not play a serious role. He has noted, what even before repayment of a debt to the Parisian club of creditors debt loading of the Russian Federation was low, it was less thirds of gross national product volume. According to A.Novikova, now it is possible to name debt loading comprehensible.
Besides, the Russian government has a serious stock of liquidity. However, A.Novikov, " has underlined; fine liquidity it is combined with rendering of powerful pressure upon the government for the purpose of increase in the State expenditure both at the expense of the budget, and at the expense of Stabilization fund. The expert has noticed that investment of means of Stabfonda in various projects can lead to inflationary pressure upon economy as not all projects are effective. We will remind, according to last polls VTSIOM of 88 % of Russians do not understand sense of existence of Stabfonda and would like, that money which go on liquidation of debts of Russia before IMF and the Parisian club, went on liquidation of social needs, on development of the industry, agriculture and a science. If this money all - taki reaches the population, and such projects at officials of the government of the Russian Federation are, it can threaten with the strongest coil of inflation.
the course of realisation of the long-term program of reform of the government causes disappointment in IMF in spite of the fact that experts of mission of the International currency fund (IMF) across Russia mark its reasonableness. Easing of structural reforms bears in itself threat to potential of growth of Russia and its macroeconomic stability, experts consider.
Except for bank sector, consider in IMF mission, the most part of the reforms declared priority, lags behind the schedule, and some and in general are suspended from - for increasing political and social pressure from the population. Consecutive increase of salaries and pensions, meanwhile, is possible only by carrying out of the policy directed on acceleration of economic growth in intermediate term prospect.