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US authorities have approved purchase Inco by Dodge company Phelps

the Government of the USA has approved the transaction on acquisition by Dodge Corp company Phelps. The Canadian manufacturer of nickel Inco Ltd. According to published today a press - to release Phelps Dodge, the company has received the notice that the Ministry of Justice of the USA and the Federal trading commission of the USA have ahead of schedule finished the period of expectation established under the law of Heart - Scott - Rodino about antitrestovskih improvements 1976.
on June, 26th 2006. Phelps Dodge declared that intend to get two Canadian mining companies, Inco and Falconbridg, for approximately 40 mlrd dollars (proceeding from the price of actions Pheps Dodge as of 23. 06. 2006 - 82,95 dollars for the action). Thus the transaction total amount is estimated in 56 mlrd dollars (taking into account cost of own capital, promissory notes, preference shares, interests minoritariev).
Falconbridge Limited - the Canadian company formed as a result of merge in June 2005. Companies Falconbridge Limited and Noranda Inc., is the fourth on size the manufacturer of copper and nickel, the fifth - zinc. Following the results of 2005. The company net profit has made 872 million dollars at a gain 8,15 mlrd dollars of the Share of company bargain at stock exchanges of New York and Toronto. As of the middle 2005. Company capitalisation made 8,6 mlrd dollars, actives - 12,5 mlrd dollars
the Canadian company Inco Ltd. Is to World War II the manufacturer of nickel. Company net profit in 2005. Has made 628 million dollars at a turn 4,6 mlrd dollars
the American company Phelps of Dodge - the third world manufacturer of copper. Company net profit in 2005. Has made 1,56 mlrd dollars, at volume of a gain at a rate of 8,28 mlrd dollars