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Gazprom and E ON Open Societies " have agreed about an exchange of actives within the limits of SEG

; Gazprom and German E. ON AG on July, 12th 2006. Have signed the agreement on an exchange of actives in gazodobyche, trade and sale of natural gas, electric power industry within the limits of the project of Severo - the European gas pipeline (SEG), informs a press - service of gas holding.
in particular, E. ON AG receives a share in Southern - Russian gazokondensatnom a deposit at a rate of 25 % a minus one action, and Gazprom - a package of actives of the German company, including individual share in the Hungarian gas enterprises E. ON Foldgaz Storage and E. ON Foldgaz Trade (on 50 % a minus one action accordingly), and also 25 % plus one action in regional electropower and gas company E. ON Hungaria. Besides, Gazprom will obtain additional compensation.
we will remind, on April, 27th 2006. Gazprom has signed the similar agreement with BASF. According to the document, the gas holding increases the share in Russian - the German joint venture Wingas GmbH from 35 % to 50 % a minus one action, will receive a share in the capital of one of the companies groups Wintershall AG (branch BASF), owning shares in prospecting and dobychnyh actives in Libya. In turn BASF/ Wintershall receives 25 % a minus one voting action and 10 % of not voting actions in Open Society Severneftegazprom owning the licence for geological studying and working out Southern - Russian deposit. Thus, BASF will own in Southern - Russian deposit of 35 % a minus one action. Besides, Gazprom and BASF will create on an equal footing joint venture Wingas Europe for trade in natural gas in the European countries.
Gazprom, BASF and E. ON on September, 8th 2005. Have signed the basic agreement on building SEG. According to the document, partners create joint germano - the Russian enterprise North European Gas Pipeline Company in which capital to Gazprom will belong 51 %, to companies BASF and E. ON - on 24,5 %. The fourth partner of Gazprom on SEG can receive 9 % in the project from the packages now belonging BASF and E. ON. Earlier head of Gazprom Alexey Miller did not exclude that the Netherlands company Gasunie can become them. In the answer the company is ready to give to Gazprom access to gas pipeline BBL connecting the Netherlands with Great Britain, and also to guarantee Russia an additional commodity market in the Western Europe.
southern - Russian deposit is defined as the basic raw-material base for gas deliveries on Severo - to the European gas pipeline. The licence for geological studying and working out Southern - Russian site belongs to a daughter Gazprom - Severneftegazprom .
Designed capacity of Severo - the European gas pipeline in length over 1,2 thousand in km will make 55 mlrd cubic m. the First thread SEG capacity 27,5 mlrd cubic m will be placed in operation in 2010. Laid on a bottom of Baltic sea the gas pipeline will provide for the first time direct deliveries of the Russian natural gas to the Western Europe. According to the vice-president of board of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev, cost of all project SEG has grown with 6 mlrd dollars to 10,5 mlrd dollars In particular, building of a land part of a gas pipeline is now estimated approximately in 6 mlrd dollars, underwater - nearby 4,5 mlrd dollars