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The Russian Federation and the USA have reached agreements on the WTO regarding financial services

Russia and the USA have co-ordinated positions under the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO regarding financial services. Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin has informed on it to journalists. As he said, full clearness in the field of financial services is reached .
He has noticed that Russia has agreed on opening of branches of the foreign insurance companies in the Russian Federation, and the USA have agreed with the Russian position about an interdiction for opening of branches of foreign banks in the Russian Federation. A.Kudrin has declared also that Russia has reserved the right to itself to enter quotas on restriction of the foreign capital in the market of financial services. actually we will not use these quotas - the minister has informed.
the minister has expressed hope that the report of Russia and the USA on the introduction of the Russian Federation into the WTO will be signed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow . Then work on the working report on joining which will occupy some months " will begin; - the head of the Ministry of Finance has underlined.
we will remind, these days in Moscow there is a delegation from the USA led by the sales representative of this country Sjuzen Shvab. Even before arrival of official representatives of Washington in Russia experts noticed that Russia this week can already reach arrangements from the USA about the introduction into the World Trade Organization.
we will remind, earlier vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov has expressed hope that negotiations from the USA about Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization will manage to be finished successfully prior to the beginning of summit G8 in St.-Petersburg. now would not like to make comments on these negotiations, they go, I hope, will successfully come to the end - A.Zhukov has underlined.
the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Sergey Prihodko recently spoke about possibility of the permission of all contradictions between Russia and the USA even before summit G8 in Petersburg. As he said, Russia hopes to reach arrangements from the USA about accession to WTO prior to the beginning of a meeting of leaders of the countries G8 (G8) in St.-Petersburg which will pass from July, 15 till July, 17th 2006. As he said, in this case signing bilateral Russian - the American agreement within the limits of joining of the Russian Federation to the WTO would be possible during summit G8.
S.Prihodko has noticed that in relations of two countries now there is no cooling and between presidents Vladimir Putin and George Bush is noted good dialogue . According to the assistant to the Russian leader, a position on key questions are lead up to the White house and the Kremlin in a mode online .
Till today the basic claims of Washington to Moscow during negotiations on an occasion of the introduction of Russia in trading organisation was considered to open unwillingness of the Russian management in the country branches of the western banks, and also a critical situation with intellectual property. The question on occurrence of the foreign companies on the Russian insurance market has already been solved.
it is quite possible, the situation permission in the big degree was promoted by the statement of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin which it has made last week. We will remind, V.Putin has declared that Russia will refuse observance of conditions of the WTO if it is not accepted in this organisation. The head of the state has noticed that if the Russian Federation for any reasons it will not be possible to reach the arrangement from the USA about accession to WTO it will remove from herself obligations which not only has accepted, but also, without having entered yet the organisation, already carries out .
we Will notice that for today of the USA are the unique country from which Russia does not have agreement on occurrence in the WTO.