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In Turkey the oil pipeline of Baku - Tbilisi is officially opened - Dzhejhan

In Turkey in port Dzhejhan there has passed opening ceremony of the oil pipeline of Baku - Tbilisi - Dzhejhan (BTD). The president of Turkey Ahmed Nedzhdet Sezer, the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili, and also the prime minister have taken part In it - ministers, heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Energy about 20 countries.
Russia invited the president Vladimir Putin, the president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev and US president George Bush on ceremony have not arrived. Kazakhstan on action is represented by the Minister of Energy and mineral resources of Bahtykozha Izmuhambetov. Ceremony was opened by the general manager of the company “ BTC Co. “ Michael Tausend.
it is necessary to notice that BTD many experts name “ the political oil pipeline “. For anybody not a secret that Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan are guided by the USA and Europe, Armenia and Kazakhstan gravitate to Russia more. This political patience also defines routes of oil veins of region. Some observers say that BTD and has been constructed that it was protected by Americans and Europeans, and presence of these forces in territory of Azerbaijan and Georgia allows hope to their governments to solve shortly and foreign policy problems.
thus, the beginning of operation BTD as experts believe, became a new reference point of the American presence on caucasus, and is formal the beginning of performance of decisions of the Istanbul summit of the NATO about the new active policy on Southern caucasus and in Central Asia. As a result, for Georgia and Azerbaijan that fact had fatal value that communication projects in cost over billion dollars began to demand corresponding operating conditions in process of realisation, and their initiators became powerful factors of a regional policy. The states on which these communications have lain, have automatically turned in subjects of the given policy.
Extent of oil pipeline BTD makes 1 thousand of 767 km, of them in Azerbaijan - 443 km, in Georgia - 248 km, and in Turkey - 1 thousand of 076 km. Throughput of the oil pipeline - 50 million tons of oil a year. Shareholders of the project are the companies entering in “ BTC Co “ in structure: BP (30,1 % of individual share), GNKAR (25 %), Chevron (Unocal) (8,9 %), Statoil (8,71 %), TPAO (6,53 %), Itochu (3,4 %), Amerada Hess (2,36 %), ENI (5 %), ConocoPhilliđs (2,5 %), Inđex (2,5 %), Total (5 %).