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After July, 25th

Transfer of means of Stabilization fund transfer of means of Stabfonda into currency accounts will begin with rouble accounts on currency accounts of Bank of Russia will begin after July, 25th 2006., the deputy minister of the finance Sergey Storchak has informed journalists. As he said, the offer for the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin about that, " now prepares; as we will technically pass from a condition of accumulation of huge rouble weight to possibilities which are given by the contract signed between Federal exchequer and the Central Bank .
As the chief of department on management of means Stabfonda Peter Kazakevich has explained, placing of means on currency accounts will be made stage by stage. It will be internal operations in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, instead of market - he has told. Profitableness of currency accounts, as he said, will be adhered to profitableness of a certain set of the securities which rating is certain by the corresponding governmental order. The Central Bank will daily report on structure of placing.
Besides, P.Kazakevich has noticed that the information on profitableness of placed means of Stabfonda and on the sum of means on currency accounts in a cut of currencies will periodically reveal. it is not assured that we will inform on the schedule of placing of means - he has told.
according to the first deputy of the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Alexey Uljukaeva, profitableness from investment of means of Stabfonda in deposits of Bank of Russia it is expected at level about 4 % proceeding from world market rates . Moreover, this indicator can and increase, as the forecast on profitableness of the investments nominated in euro, will be raised, and under dollar deposits a little smaller growth is expected.