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Anheuser - Busch will absorb InBev for 50 mlrd dollars

Belgijsko - Brazilian InBev NV will get the American brewing corporation Anheuser - Busch Cos Inc for 49,91 mlrd dollars, transfers Reuters referring to the American mass-media.
official acknowledgement did not arrive yet. According to the message, InBev NV will pay 70 dollars for each action Anheuser - Busch that on 5 dollars more than the initial offer.
earlier it was informed that the transaction can be concluded this night. Under this data, the basic terms of transaction, such as its sum, the structure of board of directors of the new company, a nominee on posts of the higher managers, by and large are co-ordinated.
we will remind, on June, 11th of this year InBev has directed Anheuser - Busch the offer on purchase of all shares of company at the price of 65 dollars for a paper. The total cost of the transaction was then is estimated in 46 mlrd dollars Anheuser - Busch has refused the given offer, naming its inadequate, however having left possibility for offer improvement.
almost at once after that management Anheuser - Busch as transferred the American mass-media, has begun negotiations with the Mexican brewing company Grupo Modelo (the manufacturer of beer Corona) about the possible repayment of the remained 50 % of actions Grupo Modelo with a view of increase of the cost and protection against unfriendly absorption.
on July, 1st InBev has declared that intend to get Anheuser - Busch, despite company management refusal then initiated steps on change of board of directors Anheuser - Busch with its full complement (13 persons). Management Anheuser - Busch has urged the shareholders not to accept recommendation InBev N V. about change of board of directors.
on July, 11th of this year there was a message that the companies will enter into the friendly agreement already within the next few days.
Belgijsko - Brazilian InBev - largest of the brewing companies in the world. The company lets out beer under brands Stella Artois, Beck`s, Brahma, Staropramen, Hoegaarden. In 2007. The company realised 273,9 million gkl beer.
Anheuser - Busch - the brewing company largest in the USA owning 12 American beer factories and having branches in other countries of the world. The enterprise has been based in 1861. Now the company makes more than 60 kinds of beer and other alcoholic production, including under the well-known Czech mark Budweiser.
In the USA on share Anheuser - Busch 48,4 % of the market of beer are necessary. As show the polls, many Americans consider Anheuser - Busch as the national property and support preservation of independence of its business.