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The government of Iraq: the country does not have free gas

At Iraq there is no free gas to direct it for export on pipeline Nabucco. Such statement the press - the secretary of the government of the country Ali has made a hell - Dabah, transfers Reuters.
According to the official, gas extracted in Iraq is necessary for a covering of internal demand in the country. However it has not excluded that the country will join program Nabucco in the future. probably, Iraq becomes in due course one of suppliers of gas, but not now as we do not possess sufficient stocks - has told A a hell - Dabah.
we Will remind, on July, 10th of this year the president of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has declared that its country is ready to give gas for pipeline Nabucco.
the Main gas pipeline Nabucco in the extent of 3,3 thousand The km is planned to construct for transportation of natural gas of Central Asia and Near-Caspian region to the Central Europe through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Austria. Gas pipeline input in operation was outlined on 2011., however subsequently has been transferred on 2013. Project cost is estimated in 12 mlrd dollars. The first phase of building Nabucco will begin in 2010. Also includes a pipeline lining between Turkey and Austria in the extent of 2 thousand in km.
ceremony of signing of the agreement on building of gas pipeline Nabucco will take place on July, 13th 2009. In Ankara.