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The Russian currency promptly becomes cheaper

the Russian rouble has continued today the decrease begun in the end of last week. As of 10:10 Moscow time quotations of rouble on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - for the first time since March of this year - have fallen in relation to bivaljutnoj to a basket below a mark 39 rbl. Thus a dollar exchange rate at the today`s auctions already has exceeded a mark 33 rbl., and the euro has grown up to 46 rbl.
the Most interesting that following the results of last trading day the rouble exchange rate to a basket has fallen to a minimum of 11 weeks, and the dollar has exceeded a mark 32 roubles for the first time for two months against a slump of prices on oil and demand for currency from speculators and those participants of the market who aspire to minimise risks.
by estimations of participants of the market, a principal cause of falling of rouble - decrease in the world prices for oil: an eighth day successively oil shows a bearish tendency, having lost in this time more than 10 dollars of the Quotation of the Russian grade of oil Urals have finished last week around 59,21 dollars/ barr. The price of oil WTI has decreased on 6,84 dollars, or on 10,3 %, and the price of oil Brent has fallen on 5,09 dollars, or on 7,8 %.
In general it is necessary to notice that from the beginning of July the rouble becomes cheaper almost every day. In the first days decrease was insignificant, but then it began to grow and as a result has led to so sharp falling. During the period from June, 30th till July, 9th the rouble exchange rate rather bivaljutnoj baskets was reduced to 2 %. For the same period the exchange rate of rouble concerning dollar has fallen to 2,7 %. Today this trend has remained.
thereupon in the market fears concerning the further falling of the Russian rouble again grow. Moreover, some experts assure that in the end of last week signal to start has been given to the second wave of devaluation, and now on the threshold of August ( favourite month of our participants of the market) traders actively buy up currency, trying to be insured from currency risks.
In turn, an analyst of investment company BKS Pavel Andreev considers, now investors expect decrease in stock market and actively get rid of rouble actives. Besides, on the threshold of August in a press hearings about new devaluation of rouble " are actively exaggerated; - the expert marks. The next decrease in the rate of refinancing became last stone which has brought down rouble .
Some analysts say and that current falling of rouble is caused by actions of large players. So, in the market recently it is rumored that a little large participants of the currency market buy up dollars and euro for the clients.
However, the authorities continue to assure that it is not necessary to wait for strong easing of rouble. So, in the end of last week the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation Arcady Dvorkovich has declared that in the near future rouble devaluations will not be. Stability of rouble depends on stability of the Russian economy and a condition of the balance of payments. We consider, right now there is no necessity for rouble devaluation, in view of positive balance of trading balance and the positive account of current operations. If the basic indicators change, acceptance of any measures is possible, but also they will not be radical - the assistant to the president has noted.