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Cσμμΰ the means involved during IPO of Rosneft, - $10,4 mlrd

the Price of primary public placing (IPO) Open Society “ Rosneft “ it is established at level 7,55 dollars for one action, has informed a press - company service. Initially range of the prices for IPO “ Rosneft “ has been established within 5,85 - 7,85 dollars for the action.
a total sum of the means involved during primary public placing (IPO) Open Society “ NK “ Rosneft “ makes 10,4 mlrd dollars Number of actions and global depozitarnyh receipts (GDR), sold by the basic shareholder “ Rosneft “ - Open Society “ Rosneftegaz “ will make 1 mlrd 126 million 357 thousand 616 pieces for a total sum 8,5 mlrd dollars
Also it became known that at the London stock exchange the first transaction under actions " is already made; Rosneft “.
As informs one of global co-ordinators of primary public placing “ Rosneft “ Morgan Stanley Securities Limited, in the form of global depozitarnyh receipts (GDR) 867 million 172 thousand 695 actions of Open Society " will address; NK “ Rosneft “. Besides, placing in the form of GDR by 52 million more 980 thousand 132 papers " is provided; Rosneft “ which can be redeemed organizers within the limits of the given option for 4 % from total amount IPO.
we Will notice that “ Rosneft “ will sell 253 million 874 thousand 997 actions in the form of GDR for a total sum 1,9 mlrd dollars to the account of sale of actions within the limits of an option dorazmeshchenija. “ Rosneftegaz “ according to the decision of the government of the Russian Federation, had the right to place 1,356 mlrd actions of the oil company. Besides, itself “ Rosneft “ could place to 400 million additional actions for release GDR.
Open Society Boards of directors “ NK “ Rosneft “ and Open Society “ Rosneftegaz “ Have defined the price for one action and for one GDR, representing one action, at a rate of 7,55 dollars for a paper. Placing of actions “ Rosneft “ is the fifth on size in the world and the largest among the Russian companies. Initially official range of the price has been established at the rate from 5,85 to 7,85 dollars, subsequently the bottom border of a stock value is lifted to 7,15 dollars
As capitalisation " is marked in the message, proceeding from the confirmed volume and the price of placing and taking into account the exchange of actions connected with consolidation of the company; Rosneft “ will make 79,8 mlrd dollars It is expected that consolidation “ Rosneft “ it will be finished up to the end 2006γ.
“ Rosneft “ also has given to joint global co-ordinators (ABN, Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, J. P. Morgan Securities Ltd. And Morgan Stanley) an option dorazmeshchenija, granting it the right to get 52 million 980 thousand 132 actions in the form of GDR at the price of placing that makes about 4 % from total amount IPO. In case of realisation of this option capitalisation “ Rosneft “ will make 80,2 mlrd dollars
According to the company, the volume of the submitted demands at the price of placing has exceeded volume of placed actions approximately in 1,5 times and has made more than 15 mlrd dollars Strategic investors have submitted 21 % of demands from total amount, the international investors from the USA, Europe and Asia - 36 %, the Russian investors - 39 %, the Russian retail investors - 4 %. From the Russian retail investors it has been submitted more than 115 thousand demands.
the means involved “ Rosneftegazom “ will be directed on payment of the syndicated credit at the rate about 7,5 mlrd dollars “ Rosneft “ will direct the involved resources on repayment of financial debts, financing of the program of capital investments and obshchekorporativnye to the purpose.
Open Society actions “ NK “ Rosneft “ Have passed listing and will bargain at the Russian stock exchanges of RTS and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange, and GDR - at the London stock exchange after listing reception in the official list of Management on financial services of Great Britain and the admission to the auctions which is expected on July, 19th 2006γ.
we Will remind that now an authorised capital stock “ Rosneft “ makes 9 mlrd 92 million 174 thousand actions face value 0,01 rbl. of 100 % a minus 1 action “ Rosneft “ belongs “ Rosneftegazu “ 1 action - Rosimushchestvu.
Taking into account placing 7 mlrd 438 million 514 thousand 449 additional actions which have been let out within the limits of joining to “ Rosneft “ its affiliated societies, and 400 million the actions which have been let out for placing abroad, an authorised capital stock “ Rosneft “ will increase to 16 mlrd 930 million 688 thousand 449 actions (169 million 306 thousand 884 rbl. 49 copeck) . However it is supposed that the basic part of the actions which have been let out within the limits of consolidation, will be recognised by exchequer and are extinguished.