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The price of oil Urals has reached for the first time 73 dollars/ barrel

Today the price of oil Urals for the first time has reached a point 73 dollars/ barr., having overcome the day before a historical boundary 70 dollars/ barr. Now virtual the prices for the given grade essentially exceed its prices in the physical market. So, an absolute record for the physical market the mark is considered 69,28 dollars/ barr., registered on July, 7th 2006.
As of 15:20 Moscow time the transaction price in RTS under the settlement future for July corresponded 72,00 dollars/ barr. That on 2,43 % above the price of closing of previous day, and the range of the prices under transactions makes 72,00 - 73,00 dollars/ barr.
the Price of oil Urals grows today in RTS under the pressure of a situation in foreign markets. So, the prices under transactions with oil futures for August have reached new absolute records and have made:
- Light Sweet - 78,40 dollars/ barr., - Brent - 78,03 dollars/ barr.
However record growth of oil quotations in RTS proceeds today at low activity under transactions and on small volume of the auctions. So, from the beginning of the auctions in RTS 14 transactions on oil l for a total sum of 3 million 126 thousand 453 rbl.
activity under transactions with Urals on - former insufficiently high though and three times exceeds an indicator for the similar period of time of the previous session have been concluded Today only. Nevertheless, the volume of the auctions concedes to an indicator for the similar period of time of the previous session a little.
we will notice also that, according to Bank of Russia, the average price of oil of mark Urals in I half-year 2006. Has grown in comparison with I half-year 2005. On 34,7 % - to 61,1 dollars/ barr.