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Iran: atomic power station Building Busher it will be finished in September

Iran expects that atomic power station building Busher it will be finished in September 2007. According to head Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Manuchera Mottaki, Teheran puts pressure upon the Russian side for building acceleration, transfers Associated Press.
physical start-up of the atomic power station Busher it is planned for November 2007. Russia conducts building of the first block of the atomic power station in Bushere within the limits of the intergovernmental agreement between the Russian Federation and Iran, the prisoner in 1992. Contract cost makes nearby 1 mlrd dollars
For today the main problem in project realisation there is a delay of financing by the Iranian party of works spent by the Russian experts. As the head of Rosatom Sergey Kirienko, on atomic power station building for 5 months 2007 has informed in the beginning of June of this year. Has arrived 20 million dollars at requirement of 25 million dollars in a month.
however With. Kirienko has noted certain progress in financing, as in I quarter 2007., As he said, there was a situation that at us payments were not . Any political obstacles at Russia for end of building of this project does not exist - he has assured.