Rus News Journal

Crisis in the USA has led to sharp falling of dollar

Unfavourable news about a crisis situation in the American economy were reflected in the currency market. The dollar promptly loses positions both at the international stock exchanges, and in Russia.
after an hour and a half after the special session beginning on the American currency tomorrow in Moscow the least on value of the transaction were carried out by calculations on 23,19 rbl./ dollars the Average rate, in turn, has made 23,23 rbl./ doll that below the previous indicator for 14 copecks.
we will remind that the last trading day the American currency has lost in cost 7 copeck Hence, only for two days the dollar has fallen in price in relation to the Russian currency for 21 copeck, or on 0,9 %.
the Volume of the auctions on a special session has exceeded 2 mlrd dollars
the Menacing situation for the American currency first developed and abroad. At 10:30 Moscow time for 1 euro paid about 1,5895 dollars Whereas still as of 10:00 Moscow time for 1 euro gave an order 1,5880 dollars However, by 11:30 Moscow time the situation was slightly stabilised, the dollar has decreased to a mark 1,5875 that all the same above, than in first half of day on July, 11th.
we will remind that in the end of last week at the auctions in the USA actions of two largest mortgage companies of the country - Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have fallen off. Mortgage agency IndyMac In addition has gone bankrupt. Its actives were taken over the control by Federal corporation under insurance contributions.