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The prices for gasoline will continue to grow after oil

By estimates of analysts, gasoline of mark of Ai - 76 for the first half of the year 2008. Has risen in price for 18 %, average cost of Ai - 92 has increased by 14 %, Ai - 95 - 13 %. Thus the rise in prices for gasoline essentially advances inflation which has made of 9 % from the beginning of year.
Experts predict that the prices for fuel will grow and further taking into account the forecasts conducting of the world companies of relative that oil will soon cost 200 dollars for barrel.
the high prices for oil will be promoted by the raised demand for energy carriers from China and India, and also weak dollar which will provide attractive conditions for speculative purchases of oil as the alternative investment tool. As the president of the OPEC has declared, each decrease in a dollar exchange rate on 1 % concerning euro is a signal to that the prices for oil soon will add 4 dollars more for barrel.
to Supervise and predict pricing in the domestic market of oil products it is almost impossible: in Russia there is no home market of oil and oil products. So in the near future hardly it will be possible to break a situation, do an analytics conclusion. In the fuel market there is a rigid concentration and reduction of independent participants. Over the last 10 years extraction of the small independent companies has decreased with 10 to 5 %, and quantity of the independent gas stations for last three years - with 70 to 50 %. Thus the large companies are engaged not only storage, but also retail trade of fuel that puts other participants in unequal position. Especially in regions domination of those or other companies is observed. But to tell that the Russian market is completely monopolised, too it is impossible: on it are presented and vertically - the integrated oil companies, and independent players.
Such infrastructure has developed from - for huge territorial extents of Russia as the transport component plays an essential share in the price, the visitor of the program " argues; Sphere of interests on - TV, the chief executive of the Russian fuel union Grigory Sergienko. In its opinion, even occurrence commodity - a raw stock exchange where the prices for oil will be formed, is not capable to break a situation. An explanation to it such: the oil companies have completely cleaned intermediaries, have practically taken over the control of all wholesale trade, at least its most part. So the present system actually reminds distributive system of Soviet period.
it is necessary to notice that in the long term the gasoline price will depend on its quality, more precisely, poor quality gasoline will be assessed with the excise under higher rates, than gasoline of high standards. It was supposed that since January, 1st 2009. Fuel manufacture in our country will be translated on standards Euro - 3 Euro - 4 and Euro - 5 but from - for unavailabilities of the Russian oil refining factories to similar transition the government has postponed introduction of technical regulations for two years. The reasons of rigid changes have been connected with necessity to unify the Russian usages with European, including in such important point, as level of exhausts. However against innovations regional oil refining factories which unlike giants, are not capable to make qualitative fuel have acted.
concerning manufacture of qualitative gasoline of G.Sergienko say that domestic oil refining factories make such gasoline what can make. As to poor-quality gasoline which does not correspond to commodity requirements its share makes approximately 7 - 10 %. Though sometimes this figure reaches 30 %, from giving of the Moscow authorities if to consider that quality of gasoline should be not below the standard Euro - 3 .
In present conditions the state is compelled to differentiate the taxation of fuel manufactures to stimulate oil refining modernisation. As other tools to change a tendency of a rise in prices for gasoline is not present, does a conclusion the expert.