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The Ministry of Finance: World financial crisis yet has not ended

World financial crisis yet has not ended. Such opinion was stated by the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pankin. He has noticed that in connection with the further development of financial crisis “ problems still will be “.
However, in its opinion, the important positive factor is that the financial community of Russia has developed approaches “ as with it to struggle “. According to D.Pankina, threats which are born with itself by financial crisis, accordingly, " became clear; medicines " are developed also;.
the Deputy minister has noticed that the Russian credit organisations start to approach more carefully to the account of risks and to consolidate them.
also D.Pankin has expressed opinion that positions of the Russian regulators - the Central Bank and FSFR - in the financial and share markets should be co-ordinated. “ it is important, that there was a coordination of actions “ - he has underlined. In this case the risks connected with difficult structural products in the financial market, will be lowered.
that Krolme, according to D.Pankina rouble, becoming world reserve currency, can get big volatilnost. He has noticed that if the rouble will be actively used in the world markets, becomes a component of the international reserves, it will mean “ the big degree of dependence on all processes in the international markets and the big threat volatilnosti “.
As he said that the rouble became world reserve currency, the individual decree or the order, and stable growth of economy and favorable conditions for business dealing is necessary not. “ it is long process, but we are interested, that it was “ - has noted D.Pankin. According to the deputy minister, actually, if the rouble becomes world reserve currency, it will be the interest-free credit to the country - to the emitter from the countries using it in this quality. “ These are our obligations on which we do not pay “ - has added the deputy minister. According to D.Pankina, that the rouble is used in trading operations between the CIS countries, and that some countries already use it for creation of the reserves, already is the beginning rouble transition to the status of world reserve currency.
we will add that the state of affairs in the world financial markets became completely not unique theme of dialogue of D.Pankina with journalists. He also has informed that the claim to company Noga on compensation of the damage put by the Russian Federation as a result of arrest of accounts of the Russian companies, is planned to consider in the beginning of September 2008γ.
we Will remind, the government of the Russian Federation has submitted to France the claim against company Noga with the requirement to indemnify the considerable loss caused by illegal arrest by the company of the Russian property in France, and also with the requirement to oblige the French court enforcement officer assisting the company, to compensate Russia the harm caused by arrests.
Noga in January 2008γ. Has arrested in France the actives belonging to Bank of Russia, the Russian news agency “ RIA “ News “ to Federal space agency of the Russian Federation (Russian Space Department) and State scientifically - industrial it is rocket - to the space centre “ TSSKB - Progress “. According to statements of representatives Noga, the company in the actions leant against the decisions of the Stockholm arbitration which has been taken out concerning Noga in 1997γ.
it was offered to Company Noga to indemnify a loss to Bank of Russia and RIA news agency “ News “. However, according to the government of the Russian Federation, action Noga have caused a damage of reputation and to economic interests of Russia, even in spite of the fact that the property of the Russian Federation has not been arrested.