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The share market of the Russian Federation was closed in a positive zone

Closing of the Russian share market has passed in a positive zone. RTS index has grown on 1,89 % in comparison with level of end of the last trading day and has made 2208,06 points. LUKOIL actions have risen in price for 3,75 %, Rosneft - on 4,65 %, the Savings Bank - on 3,21 %, and Gazprom - on 2,27 %.
papers " Have fallen in price; the Gold Pole (- 6,06 %). Value of an index of the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has reached a point 1666,47 points, having added 2,74 %. Growth was observed practically on all spectrum of papers, in particular in LUKOIL actions (+4,14 %), VTB (+4. 21 %), Rosneft (+4,69 %) and oil Gazprom (+6,33 %).
In the Russian share market it makes sense to open long positions accurately. Such opinion has stated on the air - TV the trader of Open Society promsvjazbank Sergey Kokorin. The matter is that that growth which is observed now, is consolidation within the limits of correction before falling.
All can be defined in a weekend when will report CitiGroup and Merrill Lynch owing to what there is clearer a situation in financial sector of the USA. After that movement in stock market becomes opredelennee. If reporting will not bring a negative, the Russian share market will grow up. breakdown upwards Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange level in 1675 points will mean growth in the market, the expert has informed.
trader IFK Metropol Michael Manasjan considers that if participants of the auctions will see signals that the situation round agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will not repeat, the Russian market has every chance on fast growth.
in the meantime operating actives UK Maksvell Esset Management Alexander Prishchepov believes that dynamics of the Russian share market at present depends on an external background, believes. He has noticed that the Russian market listens To the auctions on world platforms, is guided by a situation in the USA, and also on the reporting of the largest companies of the USA which publication will take place on July, 17th. The reporting data will influence the Russian stock market. If they leave better than expectations, the market will continue to move upwards, above 2200 points on RTS index. If the reporting appears worse forecasts, correction in the Russian market will proceed. RTS index in this case can fall to a mark of 2000 points, the expert has concluded.