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Rostehnologijam state blocks of shares of actions of 420 enterprises

are transferred to Corporation Rostehnologii as a property payment of the Russian Federation the state share holdings of 228 open joint-stock companies, 180 federal state unitary enterprises (FGUP), preobrazuemyh in Open Society, and 12 enterprises which are in conducting " are transferred; Rosoboroneksporta . Thus, in Rostehnologii share holdings of 420 enterprises are brought.
as informs a press - service of the president of the Russian Federation, corresponding position contains in the decree Questions of the state corporation on assistance to working out, manufacture and export of a hi-tech industrial output Rostehnologii signed by the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
in particular, Rostehnologijam It is transferred being in the federal property 49 - a percentage share in Russian - Mongolian it is mountain - the concentrating company with limited liability Enterprise Erdenet (Mongolia, makes a copper concentrate and molybdenum) and 49 - a percentage share in Russian - the Mongolian company with limited liability Mongolrostsvetmet (Mongolia). Besides, Rostehnologijam 32 % of actions vetnamo - the Russian enterprise " will be transferred; Visoruteks (Vietnam, manufacture of natural rubber).
Rostehnologii will receive 37,38 % of Open Society KAMAZ . State blocks of shares of actions FGUP also will be brought In state corporation the State transport company Russia (after allocation of a property complex on maintenance of air transportation of the higher officials of the state), FGUP Kavminvodavia (After airport allocation Mineral Waters), FGUP the Orenburg airlines (after airport allocation Orenburg - Central ) And Open Society the Saratov airlines (after allocation of the airport Saratov - Central).
Also Rostehnologijam are transferred 12 enterprises supervised Rosboroneksportom - in particular, 31,13 % of actions of Incorporated industrial corporation Oboronprom and 25,179 % of actions OKB Dry . Thus a share in Obornprome it will be betrayed after entering into it of a state block of shares of actions of some the enterprises.
According to the decree, Rostehnologii will be engaged in the organisation of performance of a government program of arms, the state defensive order and the mobilisation plan, federal target programs and programs military - technical cooperation. At the same time, functions are assigned to state corporation on maintenance of preservation and development of scientific and industrial potential, attraction of investments into hi-tech branches of the economy, providing increase of competitiveness of the organisations of corporation, and also to creation and development of the holding companies. Also Rostehnologii will re-structure the organisation oboronno - an industrial complex and other branches of economy.
it is entrusted to government of the Russian Federation to carry out in nine-monthly term actions for transfer of state blocks of shares of actions of the enterprises as a property payment in Rostehnologii and in two-month term to bring certificates into accord with the decree. Besides, it is entrusted to government to define the list and approximate structure of the holding companies created Rostehnologijami In oboronno - an industrial complex, having provided decision-making on use concerning the basic organisations of these holding companies and Open Society the Russian electronics the special right ( a gold share ).