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a Mechel has confirmed net profit in $500 million for I quarter

Net profit of the Russian metallurgical group of Open Society a Mechel in I quarter 2008., under the definitive data, has increased by 162 % and has made 500 million dollars against 190,7 million the dollars received for the similar period on year before. Such data contains in extended on Monday a press - company release.
thus, the company has confirmed the preliminary data on the net profit, published one week ago, on July, 7th.
a gain a Mechel following the results of I quarter it is fixed on a mark 2,33 mlrd dollars that on 64,1 % there is more than sum in 1,42 mlrd the dollars, received in the first half of the year 2007.
According to the company report, indicator EBITDA in I quarter 2008. Has increased by 151 %, having made 853 million dollars while for the similar period of last year this indicator has made 339,7 million dollars Thus the pure operational income has grown on 112 % - to 642 million dollars against 302,4 million the dollars received for the similar period on year before.
we Will notice that for the company financial results did not become a surprise. As the general director of Open Society " has told; a Mechel Igor Zyuzin, in the company expected such results. As he said, they reflect intensive industrial and financial growth that is in many respects connected with favorable conditions in the markets.
in Open Society a Mechel controlling interests and shares in the companies are consolidated: the Chelyabinsk metallurgical industrial complex, the Trading house a Mechel Open Society Southern Kuzbas JUzhuralnikel Beloretsky metkombinat, Vjartsilsky metiznyj factory, joint-stock company the Trading house poset Open Society the Ural smithy Open Society Moscow koksogazovyj factory Open Society Izhstal Mechel Trading, Korshunovsky GOK, Mechel Nemunas (Lithuania), metzavody Mechel Targoviste and Mechel Campia Turzii (Romania).