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E.Baturin is denied by participation in actions Sibir Energy

the Head of the company of Joint-Stock Company “ Inteko “ and the spouse of the mayor of Moscow Elena Baturina denies the participation in actions Sibir Energy belonging earlier to businessman Shalve Chigirinsky, noticing that all mutual relations with it concern the loan not returned by the businessman.
it has made such statement, making comments on the information sounded by representatives of S.Chigirinsky in the London court under the claim about return of 23,5 % of actions Sibir Energy in the property of the businessman. According to S.Chigirinsky, now this package is supervised nominally by businessman Ruslan Bajsarov who represents E.Baturinoj`s interests.
however itself E.Baturin underlines that the information stated in statements of S.Chigirinsky, “ not only it is doubtful, but also it is directly opposite to the validity “.
“ Between us there is a unique question which concerns the loan given by me SH. Chigirinsky and not vozrashchennogo it till now “ - she has specified.
according to E.Baturinoj, eks - owner Sibir Energy has declared that the means received from it were “ are plundered by the European banks “ and it returns the credit cannot. “ however in a consequence it was found out that this money has been used by it in own purposes “ - has noted E.Baturin.
she asserts that repeatedly tried these means to obtain on demand, but attempts have not crowned success. In this connection E.Baturin has declared that does not exclude reference to the court possibility. “ I think that against criminal cases, suits and a condition of structures SH close to bankruptcy. Chigirinsky its lie - simply attempt to evade from payment of the unconditional debt “ - she has underlined.
in the materials sounded in court by representatives of S.Chigirinsky, it is said that in 1999γ. E.Baturin and SH. The Chigirinsky have agreed about partnership with division of risks and profits of 50 % on 50 %, the first guaranteed protection of interests, and the second - business development.
in 2003γ. On insisting E. The baturinoj party formalized the business - relations and two companies - Rossini Trade Limited and Salvini Trading Corp have created. S.Chigirinsky has agreed to transfer to them of 50 % in Benefild, thus, transferring the mediated control to 23,5 % Sibir Energy in exchange for the decision “ bureaucratic questions “.
Accordingly, in case of S.Chigirinsky and E.Baturin`s transfer would supervise this package in Sibir Energy on parity. However, according to the statement in materials, actions and have not been re-registered on the created companies.
subsequently E.Baturin (in 2005γ.) Has agreed on sale of 50 % Benefild to structure Orton which was supervised by businessman Igor Kesaev. 50 More % Benefild at that point in time were at company Gradison Security belonging to S.Chigirinsky.
both supervised on parity of 47 % of actions Sibir Energy. In October 2008γ. Orton has involved 192 million dollars at the Savings Bank on the security of actions Benefild, including the actions belonging Gradison and under its obligations. And in the middle of May 2009γ. It has conceded this debt of company Vronson Partners Corp (which Ruslan Bajsarov owns, S.Chigirinsky`s package in Sibir Energy thus has been received).
referring to mass-media also affirms that Βronson has been presented as unique owner Rossini who from his face tried to receive 100 % Benefild though S.Chigirinsky considers itself as unique owner Gradison to which posesses 50 % Benefild in April.
According to S.Chigirinsky, now the situation repeats, and R.Bajsarov operates in interests E. Baturinoj which tries to catch S.Chiginskogogo`s share in Sibir Energy and to sell it at the low price.
under the informal data, 81 % Sibir Energy supervises “ Gazprom oil “ which since April 2009γ. Has bought in the market of 34,1 %, and after has redeemed Igor Kesaeva`s package and has agreed, besides under the informal data, about purchase of a share of R.Bajsarova. 18 % of actions Sibir Energy belong to the Central fuel company supervised by the government of Moscow.