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Rouble falling carries a temporality

Analysts expect that falling of a rouble exchange rate observed recently carries a temporality and can be replaced by strengthening in case of stabilisation or a rise in prices for oil.
the day before the currency of the Russian Federation has continued decrease to the lowest level from the end of March 2009., however thanks to interventions of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and renewal of a rise in prices for oil, rouble could return a part of the lost positions to the termination of the auctions.
in last trading session record falling of rouble that has compelled to leave again a regulator on home market with interventions was observed and to sell nearby 2 mlrd dollars on July, 13th the Central Bank has continued to limit falling of national currency, volumes of interventions are estimated at a rate of 1,5 mlrd dollars
This morning the prices for oil show growth, therefore rouble strengthening is not excluded. in our opinion, at the prices for oil around 55 - 60 dollars/ barr. Current level of a basket looks a little overestimated, and is not excluded that in case of stabilisation of oil quotations in the intermediate term period we can see some strengthening of national currency - analysts NOMOS - bank mark. However, as experts from Commerzbank underline, memory of a recent collapse of rouble is still live also revival of devaluation expectations can cause a new wave of sales of rouble, but the Central Bank is able prevent too sharp falling of currency of the Russian Federation.
we will remind that the dollar official rate to the rouble, the established Central Bank of the Russian Federation on Tuesday, makes 33,0597 rbl./ dollars, an euro exchange rate - 46,0059 rbl./ euro.