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The auctions in Russia have begun confident growth

the Auctions in the Russian share market have begun confident growth of leading exchange indexes.
as of 10:40 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has grown on 2,84 % - to 906,17 points. RTS index has risen to a mark 853,45 points that on 2,13 % above level of closing of the last trading day.
on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges in leaders of growth in the beginning of the auctions have appeared Savings Bank papers (+4,21 %), GMK Norilsk nickel (+3,39 %), VTB (+3,48 %), Uralkalija (+2,87 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (+3,92 %), the Gold Pole (+2,51 %), MTS (+2,93 %) and Gazprom (+2,26 %). In RTS Savings Bank quotations (+8,41 %), and also the majority of the oil and gas and power companies have grown up.
analysts of the company Aton remind that the day before the auctions in the Russian market have come to the end moderately positively. The basic reference point for the Russian players were the prices for oil which during the auctions have grown on July, 13th and there are near to a mark 60,15 dollars/ barr.
To today`s opening of the auctions there was a positive external background. The auctions pass in Asia in positive territory, and the prices for oil have grown after evening falling the day before. Today will be sated from the point of view of an exit of news. At 16:30 Moscow time Goldman Sachs will publish financial results for II quarter 2009. During the same time there is data on retails in the USA. It is probable that activity of players can remain on a low level to an exit of the reporting and statistics - analysts of the company " have concluded; Aton .