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Russians can not receive biometric passports in 2009.

Participants of market IT are afraid that declared Minkomsvjazi of the Russian Federation open competition on manufacturing of biometric passports for 2009, which results will be brought in the end of this week, was not equal for all participants. As it became known daily, as a result of competition FGUP Scientifically - research institute Rising earlier engaged in manufacturing of biometric documents, can lose this successively. To win competition, participants of the market speak the company which was headed until recently by present assistant Minkomsvjazi, most likely, should.
As the newspaper, competition " writes; Maintenance of technical support and operation of an interdepartmental segment of the state system of manufacturing, registration and control passport - visa documents of new generation in 2009 Minkomsvjazi the Russian Federation should declare in 2008, but has detained almost for 6 months. A press - the secretary of the Minister of Communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Elena Lashkina has specified daily thereupon that competitive conditions demanded detailed study .
Envelopes with demands from 8 companies applying for the favourable contract have been opened only on July, 3rd 2009. Demands have submitted Open Company Laboratory of tests of means and information systems ( LISSI ), Joint-Stock Company Open technologies 98 and FGUP scientific research institute Rising Open Society Optima Joint-Stock Company tehnoserv And/ With Joint-Stock Company Bi - Hey - Si Joint-Stock Company Laboratory of new information technology ( CHEEKS ) Joint-Stock Company Infosistemy Dzhet . On passports of the new sample now it is necessary about 40 % of given out documents of this type.
the most part of the equipment of the state system of manufacturing, registration and control passport - visa documents of new generation is based now on areas FGUP scientific research institute Rising has informed - daily a source in FMS (Federal migratory service of Russia, the main customer of passports). He has stated concern to, how the system which is in territory of the regime enterprise with the developer which is scientific research institute Rising it will be transferred the new possible contractor. The interlocutor - daily does not exclude that it can brake process of delivery of passports of new generation on half a year - year. Participants of the market notice that as Rising Already carried out orders on biometrii, cost the submitted company of the competitive demand was rather low - all 197 million roubles (at an average estimation experts of the project in 300 million).
However offer all others has interrupted the firm demand LISSI - 15 million roubles. so small sum at a project estimation konkursantami in 300 million roubles looks strange. However time it is declared, at definition of the winner of competition on the foreground, most likely, there is any more money, and quality of performance of works, - - one of participants of the market makes comments. - and this criterion is registered so that the winner, apparently, is already known .
As he said if to glance in the competitive conditions signed zamglavy by Minkomsvjazi Dmitry Severov, it becomes obvious that on quality Joint-Stock Company " is in the lead; Open technologies 98 . Though Joint-Stock Company has no own qualified experts in the field of manufacturing of biometric documents, it has invited them from outside, with corresponding certificates and authorisations, assures a source close to the company. By the way, demand cost Open technologies 98 - - the highest among all participants - 495 million roubles. Interesting coincidence - the technical director of the aforementioned company until recently was just D.Severov.
the director for external communications Open technologies Eteri Heteeva has confirmed daily that the company participates in competition, but has refused to make comments on the information on its possible victory to the announcement of official results. Till Friday have refused comments and other companies - participants of competition. The representative of the company not begun to make an application on participation in competition on the condition of anonymity has told daily What is quality certificates for the competitive documentation company Cognitive Technologies which has refused to all participants except " gave out; Open technologies - 98 .
we Will remind that recently the project of amendments is brought in the State Duma to the law About an order of departure from the Russian Federation and entrance to the Russian Federation . The essence of amendments is reduced to increase in period of validity of the biometric international passport. Instead of habitual 5 years the new document should serve 10 years. With such initiative deputies from fraction " have addressed; Russia " Is uniform;.
Deputies suggest to make changes in ch. 2 Tax codes of the Russian Federation according to which the state duty on delivery of such passport will be increased with 1 to 2 thousand rbl., and for persons are elderly till 14 years - about 500 rbl. to 1,2 thousand rbl. In case of acceptance the law will come into force since January, 15th, 2010.