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The rouble has won back a considerable part of losses

Following the results of the auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange on July, 14th a dollar exchange rate to rouble calculations tomorrow has decreased for 57 copeck and has made 32,21 rbl./ dollars the Euro exchange rate to rouble calculations tomorrow has finished the today`s auctions at level 45,03 rbl./ euro that for 75 copeck below level of closing of the last trading day. Cost bivaljutnoj baskets today has decreased for 65 copeck, the closing price has made 37,98 rbl.
to the Russian currency it was possible to win back a considerable part before the suffered losses. Support to rouble was rendered on July, 14th by the prices for oil which 61 dollars/ barr have risen above a mark., and also stock markets: the Russian indexes of RTS and the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange add more than 3 % everyone. Today`s succession of events has been quite expected by participants of the market.
a dollar official rate to the rouble, the established Central Bank of the Russian Federation for July, 15th 2009., makes 32,5072 rbl./ dollars, an euro exchange rate - 45,4873 rbl./ euro.
However experts predict that in case of a negative trend in the oil market the rouble again will start to fall. It is necessary to add also that sharp falling of the Russian national currency on Monday not quite corresponded to events on NYMEX and the London stock exchange where decrease in the oil prices was not so critical.