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The auctions in the Russian share market were closed by growth of indexes

the Auctions in the domestic share market have come to the end with growth of leading exchange indexes. The Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has not managed to be kept following the results of day above a mark of 900 points though has finished day in plus - he has grown following the results of the auctions on 1,16 % - to 891,41 points.
RTS index has risen to a mark 866,55 points that on 3,7 % above level of closing of the last trading day. The volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 69,771 mlrd rbl., in RTS - 30,186 million dollars
On FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchanges in leaders of growth following the results of today`s trading session have appeared Savings Bank papers (+0,86 %), Gazprom (+1,03 %), GMK Norilsk nickel (+5,01 %), LUKOIL (+2,43 %), VTB (+2,85 %) and Tatneft (+2,13 %). In RTS Savings Bank quotations (+5,14 %), VTB (+4,21 %), MTS (+5,03 %), FSK EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (+4,76 %), LUKOIL (+7,46 %) and Gazprom (+4,62 %) have confidently grown up. The auctions for " Thus have not so successfully come to the end; Oil Gazprom (- 18,15 %).
the Analyst of the company Aton Natalia Vygodina notices that today the auctions on the Russian platforms have come to the end positively. Actions of metallurgical and telecommunication sectors have shown dynamics better the market .
almost all most liquid actions of oil and gas sector also have finished today day in positive territory. The basic volume of the auctions has thus had on the action of bank sector, namely on the Savings Bank.
on July, 15th it is not expected an exit of important reports, however at 17:15 value of an index of industrial production in the USA Moscow time will be published. And it, perhaps, the most important expected news for July, 15th - has underlined N.Vygodina.
we will add that the share auctions in the USA have opened, contrary to forecasts, decrease in leading indexes. The separate companies vysokotehnolognichnogo sectors have appeared leaders of falling in the session beginning. So, quotations of the second-large manufacturer in the world of personal computers Dell Inc. Have gone down on 7,2 %.
At the same time papers of some large players of the market have risen in price against the favorable financial reports published before opening of the auctions. In particular, stock quotes of one of financial corporations Goldman Sachs Group Inc largest in the USA. Have raised on 0,7 % after the message of the company that its net profit in I half-year 2008 - 2009 has grown on 46 %.
Have affected a course of the auctions and macroeconomic news. Before the beginning of session the Ministry of Labour of the USA has informed that the industrial prices (index PPI) in the country in June 2009. Have raised in relation to the last month on 1,8 % whereas analysts predicted increase of the given indicator on 0,8 %. Simultaneously the Ministry of Trade has published the data, according to which volume of retails in the USA in June 2009. Has grown on 0,6 % in comparison with May and has made 342,14 mlrd dollars of Analytics expected that this indicator will raise on 0,5 %.