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The USA have exposed BP the next account for oil flood on $100 million

Presidential Administration of the USA of B.Obama has declared that has exposed the British company BP one more account which size has made 99,7 million dollars, on a covering of expenses during liquidation of leak of oil in Gulf of Mexico.
under the statement of the White house, three previous accounts, which total volume has made 122,2 million dollars, BP has paid completely, transfers Associated Press.
in the statement of presidential administration again it is underlined that the oil company should foot the bill completely on liquidation of consequences of ecological accident, including as payment of technical works on a stop of leak of oil, and assignment for long-term restoration of ecology of the suffered region.
in June the head of Committee of natural resources of the congress of the USA Nik Rahal has declared that the government of the USA should demand with BP payment of a royalty for the oil lost as a result of leak and gas. By its estimation, the royalty rate should make 18,75 % from cost of each barrel flowed away oil - all about 7 million dollars
I pray for you to track, that the Ministry of Justice of the USA has applied corresponding legal measures to company BP to achieve from it indemnification for the missed profit as a result of this disaster - it is told in N.Rahala`s letter to the general public prosecutor of the USA Eric Holderu.
we Will remind, since April, 20th when on chisel platform BP there was an explosion, to Gulf of Mexico has poured out, by various estimations, from 504 thousand to 800 thousand barr. Oil. Experts BP have undertaken already 6 attempts to stop an oil stream, but all of them have ended with failure. The damaged chink, possibly, will gush forth till August until BP will not finish drilling of two unloading inclined chinks.