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The price oil baskets the OPEC does not decrease 70 days

the Average price of oil in the world market, expressed through so-called a basket the OPEC, as of March, 12th has made 31,94 dollars/ barr. The indicator remains above the top border of the established price band 22 - 28 dollars/ barr. Already 70 trading days, since December, 2nd 2003.
In this time registered maximum price indicator corresponded to a mark 32,75 dollars/ barr. (On March, 5th 2004.). the Basket the OPEC has established on March, 12th a new record of stay behind the top border of the price band established five years ago.
we will remind that before the war beginning in Iraq the indicator kept above a mark 28 dollars/ barr. 69 days - since December, 16th 2002. On March, 19th 2003. However registered year before the maximum price mark was considerably above and made 33,11 dollars/ barr. (On March, 11th 2003.) .
the Ceiling price baskets the OPEC registered from the beginning 2000. Makes 33,84 dollars/ barr. (It is noted in September 2000.). Floor price - 15,85 dollars/ barr. (In November 2001.) . In this time a record of duration of stay baskets behind the bottom border of a corridor it is considered the period on September, 24th 2001. - on March, 8th 2002.
So, after events on September, 11th 2001. In New York the price baskets almost 6 months remained below a mark 22 dollars/ barr. Also it was restored in the established frameworks of a corridor on March, 11th 2002.
we Will notice that at the summit of the OPEC coming on March, 31st in Vienna consideration of the question initiated by Venezuela about increase of admissible parametres oil " is not provided; baskets . Established in 1999. An admissible range baskets 22 - 28 dollars/ barr. It will be left without changes. The minister of oil of the United Arab Emirates has declared it Obaid a bin - Saif Is scarlet - Nasseri, informs DJ Newswires.
At the same time, the minister of oil of the United Arab Emirates has informed that during working discussion of the present question at the international forum on natural gas in Cairo the initiative of Venezuela was supported by the representative of Nigeria. So, the adviser of the president of Nigeria for oil of Edmund Daukoru has declared that lately a basket the OPEC was established in borders 30 - 32 dollars/ barr. That, in its opinion, also defines real borders of its new corridor. Other ministers of oil have not supported this opinion.