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The dollar exchange rate grows the second day successively

In the beginning of a today`s special session on the American currency calculations tomorrow an average rate has made 27,49 rbl./ dollars the Given indicator for 1 copeck exceeds an official rate of currency of the USA, established by Bank of Russia for March, 16th. Thus, this morning on ETS strengthening of the American currency in relation to the Russian is noted.
easing of rouble concerning dollar occurs the second day successively. We will remind that the day before the currency of the USA has increased in cost by 2 copeck As a result dollar has won back the lost positions a little.
the reason of growth of quotations of the American currency in relation to national is dollar strengthening at the international stock exchanges. Now 1,3360 dollars whereas the past days the parity between the European currency and currency of the USA made 1 euro pay for 1 euro: 1,3430 dollars Hence, in comparison with previous day the American currency has added in the price in relation to European in the world market about 0,5 %.
we Will remind that according to Bank of Russia, rouble strengthening in relation to to a basket of currencies in February 2005. In comparison with February 2004., Preliminary, has made 7,2 %. A nominal effective rouble exchange rate in relation to foreign currencies in February of this year in comparison with December 2004. Has become stronger on 0,8 %.
a dollar Nominal rate to rouble on the end of February 2005. Has made 27,77 rbl., an euro nominal rate to rouble on the end of February 2005. - 36,63 rbl., an average nominal rate of dollar to rouble in February 2005. Has made 27,97 rbl., and an average nominal rate of euro to rouble in February 2005. - 36,39 rbl.
Nevertheless, despite small growth of dollar, we will notice that a little more than for two years the currency of the USA has decreased in cost for 4,32 rbl., or on 15,7 %. Thus recently rates of easing of the American currency were accelerated. We will remind that on March, 5th the dollar has lost in the price 8 copeck, and on March, 9th - 11 copeck more Meanwhile as of January, 11th 2003. The parity between the Russian and American currencies made 31,88 rbl./ dollars