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The Russian Federation will pay $1,8 mlrd on an external debt in March 2005.

Russia will direct in March 2005. On payments on an external public debt 1,8 mlrd dollars According to the information of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, within the limits of repayment of debts against the countries - official creditors it will be paid 132,7 million dollars, including on the basic debt - 85,850 million dollars, on percentage payments - 46,851 million dollars
to the International financial organisations in March 2005. The Ministry of Finance of Russia will list 141,369 million dollars: on the basic debt - 113,434 million dollars, on percentage payments - 27,935 million dollars
Besides, current month Russia should direct 1 mlrd 535 million dollars on payment under eurobonds: on the basic debt of 832,926 million dollars, on its service it will be directed - 702,404 million dollars
the State external debt of Russia, according to the Ministry of Finance, for 2004. Has decreased on 9,2 mlrd dollars and has made for January, 1st 2005. 110,5 mlrd dollars At calculations in euro the Russian state debt for the past year has decreased on 14,6 mlrd euro - to 81,1 mlrd euro.
we will remind that Foreign trade and investment bank on account of repayment and service of a debt to member countries of the Parisian club of creditors on the instructions of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation during the period from February, 18 till February, 22nd 2005. Has paid the sum equivalent 2 mlrd to 203 million 930 thousand 881,14 dollars Before payment debts of the Russian Federation before the Parisian club made $45 mlrd, from which more than $40 mlrd - debts former Soviet C. The largest creditors of Russia are Germany ($20,3 mlrd), Italy ($5,7 mlrd), Japan ($3,7 mlrd), the USA ($3,5 mlrd) and France ($3,4 mlrd).
on January, 31st of this year Russia has completely paid a debt of IMF at a rate of 3,3 mlrd the dollars, subject to return in 2005 - 2008. The given payment has been carried out at the expense of means of Stabfonda over the saved up sum in 500 mlrd rbl., according to the federal law About the federal budget for 2005 . Having paid off ahead of schedule, Russia has saved on percent of 204 million dollars