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For three days the dollar has fallen in price for 18 copeck

By results of a today`s special session on the American currency calculations tomorrow an average rate has made 27,84 rbl./ dollars Thus, the official rate of currency of the USA for March, 16th has decreased at once for 15 copeck
so considerable easing of dollar concerning rouble for one day became the most considerable since January, 24th of current year, i.e. already almost for two months. We will remind that the last two days the currency of the USA has lost in cost 3 copeck Hence, for three days the American currency has fallen in price in relation to Russian already for 18 copeck, or more than on 0,6 %.
Reduction in price of the American currency on today`s ETS has occurred at enough essential sale of dollars by commercial banks. So, at 11:30 Moscow time participants of the given sector of the market realised almost 409 million dollars The reason of similar succession of events in the internal currency market is dollar falling in relation to euro at the international stock exchanges.
nevertheless, a number of known economists urge not to pay attention to behaviour of currency of the USA in the world market and to stop the further growth of rouble. So, the former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexander Livshits directly conjures in every way to protect last boundary - 28 rbl./ dollars . By words eks - the minister, in it it is necessary to die in the last ditch - as 28 heroes - panfilovtsev .
Meanwhile the Bank of Russia has established an official rate of the European currency for March, 16th at a rate of 33,48 rbl./ euro. In comparison with the previous indicator the official rate of the European currency has decreased for 4 copeck Hence, easing of the European currency in relation to the Russian today is noted.
as the last two trading days of euro, on the contrary, has raised in cost for 13 copeck That today the Russian currency has won back almost third lost in the beginning of this week of positions in relation to the European.
we will notice that reduction in price of euro concerning rouble in home market is observed at essential falling of dollar in relation to the European currency at the international stock exchanges. In the beginning of second half of today 1,2024 dollars whereas in the afternoon the past working days for 1 euro gave 1,1970 dollars Thus pay for 1 euro, in comparison with previous trading day the European currency has added in the price in relation to American in the world market of 0,45 %.