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Only Lithuania and Slovenia can enter euro in 2007.

Real chances to enter euro in 2007. Remain only with Lithuania and Slovenia. According to analyst SEB Vilniaus banks Gitanasa Nausedy, this year in Lithuania it is necessary to expect inflation in 2,8 %, in Estonia - in 3,5 %, Latvia - in 5,8 %.
Therefore, the analyst considers, Estonia, most likely, should postpone occurrence in an eurozone to 2008., and Latvia - to 2009.
Other countries which have recently entered the European union, will appear in the near future behind an eurozone board, considers G.Nauseda. In its opinion, Slovakia, most likely, will enter euro in 2009., Czechia - in 2010., Poland - in 2012., and Hungary - in 2014.
Thus, the analyst believes, the highest rates of increase of economy in 2006. Among the Baltic States will be in Estonia - 9 %. In Lithuania and Latvia the economy will grow accordingly on 6,5 % and 8,5 %.
the Opinion of an analyst concerning Lithuania is divided also by the Lithuanian prime minister - minister Algirdas Brazauskas. Acting earlier in one of broadcasts, premieres has declared that it is assured that Lithuania in due time - in 2007 - will enter into the euro reference.
the prime minister has underlined that Lithuania quite satisfies to those criteria which are shown to candidates on the introduction into an euro zone: in particular, the rate of inflation in the country makes 2,4 % while norm are 3 %.
we Will notice that, contrary to G.Nausedy`s opinion, the commissioner of EU under the finance Hoakin Almunia considers that at once five new members of the European union are ready to introduction of euro to 2008. As he said, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia will enter euro not later 2007. Malta and Cyprus will replace the currencies uniform European to 2008.