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Ilyushin Finans Ko can be deduced from OAK

Actions of the leasing company Ilyushin Finans Ko cannot be included in structure of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation (OAK) from - that at calculation there was a technical error, has informed a source in aviation circles.
as he said, now to enter in OAK, the company should count anew quantity of actions and make changes to the governmental order, concerning formations of authorised capital stock OAK .
Besides, the source has added that the Federal agency on management of federal property of the Russian Federation (Rosimushchestvo) considers possibility of allocation from structure of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation (OAK) the leasing companies of Open Society Ilyushin Finans Ko (IFK) and Open Society the Financial leasing company (FLK).
the Decree about creation of Incorporated aviabuilding corporation has been signed by the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in February, 2006. However the decision on establishment OAK was accepted the governmental commission only in November.
as the share in an authorised capital stock of the incorporated company the state has brought following share holdings: the Aviation holding company Dry - 100 %, the External economic association Aviaexport - 15 %, Ilyushin Finans Ko - 38 %, Komsomol - on - the Cupid aviation association of Ju.A.Gagarin - 25,5 %, the Interstate aviabuilding company Ilyushin - 86 %, the Nizhniy Novgorod aviabuilding factory the Falcon - 38 %, Novosibirsk aviation production association of Tchkalov - 25,5 %, Tupolev - 90,8 %, the Financial leasing company - 58 %. In January of this year OAK also has received 30,6 % of ordinary actions of corporation Irkut .
As the contribution of the Russian Federation to authorised capital stock OAK 51 % of actions of Open Society " also will be transferred; the Taganrog aircraft 19,52 % - Open Society the Financial leasing company 8,36 % - Open Society Ilyushin Finans Ko and 1,2491 % of actions of Joint-Stock Company Aviastar - the joint venture . Actions are brought as payment placed OAK additional actions in connection with increase in its authorised capital stock. It is entrusted to government of the Russian Federation to carry out actions for entering of actions in six-monthly term. The decree comes into force from the date of its signing - on February, 3rd 2007.
Besides, in structure OAK 100 % of actions of the Russian aircraft constructing corporation " will be transferred; the Instant and 100 % of actions of the Kazan aviation production association of S. P.Gorbunova. RSK the Instant and KAPO it. Gorbunova will be transformed from the federal state unitary enterprises to open joint-stock companies.
the Estimation of market cost of the additional actives included in OAK, till March, 15th 2007. Auditor company Ernst &Young should spend. It is planned that to this term the estimation will be finished and co-ordinated with Rosimushchestvom. Following the results of an estimation the governmental commission on maintenance of integration processes in an aviabuilding complex of the Russian Federation should make the decision on placing conditions dopemissii.
Size of an authorised capital stock of Open Society OAK the Share of the Russian Federation in a corporation authorised capital stock makes nearby 96,72 mlrd rbl. exceeds 90 %. The Chairman of board of directors of corporation had been selected the first vitse - the prime minister of Russia, then still Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov.