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Aeroflot will get 22 Airbus A - 350

Aeroflot the next weeks will sign the firm contract with Airbus on delivery 22 dalnemagistralnyh planes A - 350. On it has informed today on a press - conferences the general director of Open Society Aeroflot - the Russian airlines Valery Okulov.
as he said, negotiations Aeroflot with Airbus are highly readiness . Signing of the combined contract is planned: before occurrence in 2015. The plane And - 350 Aeroflot will get an air liner And - 330. we plan acquisition of 10 liners For today And - 330. As a whole it is necessary for us 12 - 15 cars - V.Okulov has told. Predictably, the first air buses And - 330 will start to arrive in airline in IV quarter 2008.
Speaking about planes And - 350, V.Okulov has noticed that the company will get liners in operational leasing. In process of receipt And - 350 they will gradually replace And - 330. Airbus And - 350 it will be focused on financial leasing. First three - four - five cars will be are taken in operational leasing to make secure and look that from itself represent these planes - V.Okulov has noted.
speaking about negotiations with Boing and about deliveries dalnemagistralnyh planes Boing - 787, the general director Aeroflot has noticed that the contract is in the frozen condition sloty are removed.
Aeroflot also carries on negotiations from Joint-Stock Company Civil planes Dry about transfer of an option into 20 planes Sukhoi SuperJet 100 in the firm contract with possibility of its increase, has informed today on a press - conferences the general director Aeroflot Valery Okulov. We will remind that Open Society Aeroflot already has the firm contract on 30 cars Sukhoi SuperJet 100 (were RRJ).
the Family of regional plane Sukhoi SuperJet 100 is presented by models capacity 60, 75 and 95 places with the usual and increased range of flight. Manufacture of the first planes is planned on the beginning 2007. By the end 2007. It is planned to let out the first 6 cars. Start of planes in a batch production is planned for January, 1st 2008. In total in 2008. It is planned to make the first 60 serial planes. Plane certification under the Russian standards will come to the end in III quarter 2007., on European - in I quarter 2008. Project Sukhoi SuperJet 100 has been started in 2001.
Park of aircrafts Aeroflot for February, 1st 2007. Makes 88 planes, including: They be 134 - 14 planes, They be 154 - 28 planes, Silt - 96 - 6 planes, Airbus 319 - 8 planes, Airbus 320 - 10 planes, Airbus 321 - 7 planes, Boeing - 767 - 11 planes, DC - 10 - 4 planes.
a controlling interest Aeroflot At a rate of 51,17 % belongs to the state. National reserve corporation through Cyprian Grabor Trading (Overseas) Limited (16,34 %) and Luxembourg Transinvest Control S. A. (9,76 %) in aggregate supervise an order of 30 % of actions of Open Society Aeroflot .