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V.Yanukovych: Ukraine has destroyed gas arrangements with Russia

Arrangements with Russia concerning floor price of gas have been destroyed. About it the party leader of regions, eks - the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has declared in interview to an Ukrainian to 5 channel .
the big error Has been made, that arrangement which was with Russia which has been fulfilled to 2011 has been destroyed. It was supposed that in 2011. Ukraine will pass to the world prices, and in this time we adapt. And we have received actually price increase this year - V.Yanukovych has told.
he also has underlined that misunderstanding between the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the prime minister - the minister July Timoshenko - a negative component in negotiations with Russia, and Russia uses it . We do not consider those errors which were done by the power earlier - V.Yanukovych has noticed. He has underlined that during it premerstva work since Century Yushchenko was co-ordinated.
national interests prevailed before political ambitions. We constantly met and co-ordinated our general actions. There was no position separately the prime minister and the president, there was a position of Ukraine - the party leader of regions has declared.
answering a question on intermediaries in gas relations with Russia, V.Yanukovych has noticed that these intermediaries have appeared at orange the government. we have inherited all it. But we have found understanding with our Russian partners how to leave the price for gas - V.Yanukovych has declared.
we will remind, on March, 13th 2008. Gazprom and NAK Petrogas of Ukraine have signed the general agreement on development of relations in gas sphere. According to the document, deliveries of the Central Asian gas in January - February in volume 5,2 mlrd cubic m will be completely issued and paid Petrogas under contracts RosUkrEnergo and UkrGaz - Energo .
Besides, Kiev has agreed to pay the gas put in January - February, at the base price 315 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m. Calculations on it can be carried out by return of corresponding volumes of gas.
further within the limits of the agreement the scheme of deliveries will be changed. From March till December 2008. Petrogas of Ukraine will independently buy the Central Asian gas in volume not less than 49,8 mlrd cubic m on border at the price of 179,5 dollars for 1 thousand in cubic m. About from whom exactly will buy gas Petrogas of Ukraine while it is not known.
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